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Gathering sponsors for your Walk / Run will

  • Help raise funds for Little Haven
  • Improve access to care for Palliative Care Patients
  • Put you in the Draw for some fabulous prizes

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Fill out the form below and submit it. Once your teams Donation Card has been created we will email you a Link that you can share your Donation Card with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email, Messenger. Then you can start taking donations to your campaign straight away. It is completely Free to create a Gratitude Walk Fundraiser and thank you for doing so.

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The Team Name displays at the top of your Donation card. Best practice: limit Team name to fewer than 4 words.
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Let people know how much you are looking to raise and hence your progress by setting a campaign goal. There is no penalty for not reaching a goal and your campaign can exceed the goal.
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Example Live Donation Card


Your entry fee pays for the cost of staging the event and adds to Little Haven Week’s fundraising goals.


Every dollar you raise or donate on top of your entry fee will go directly to providing services and support for families who are living with the diagnosis of a life limiting illness. We encourage all participants to have a go at fundraising.

Imagine crossing the finish line knowing that you have not one, but two achievements to be proud of – walking or running the distance, and fundraising to support Little Haven.

Have fun and think of creative ways to fundraise! If you’re doing the 5km, why not seek $5 sponsorship per km? Raising $250 is as easy as $25 from 10 friends! Get your friends and family involved and host a BBQ, high tea or movie night!


Each year we are surprised  by the creativity that Walk and Run participants bring to their fundraising efforts. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Fancy Dress

  • Would your friends, family or colleagues pay to see you look silly? Tell them you’ll complete the Fun Run/ Walk in fancy dress if they help you reach your fundraising goal.

Morning or Afternoon Tea

  • Hold a morning or afternoon tea at your home, school or workplace and ask everyone who attends to make a donation.

Sausage Sizzle

  • Many local businesses, such as hardware stores and garden centres, allow charity groups to hold sausage sizzles outside their stores. Approach your local butcher or grocery store for donations of sausages or bread.

Themed Dress/Casual Dress Day

  • Organise a dress theme / casual dress day at your school or work and ask participants to make a gold coin donation. Alternatively, get wacky and go for loud shirts or crazy ties.

Small Change to make a Big Difference Jar

  • Ask around at home, work or school for small change that is rattling about in drawers, ashtrays, tins and dark corners or start collecting all your loose change now – you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. Every little bit helps.Trivia Night

Host an auction or trivia night at a local bar, restaurant or club and put the entry fees towards your fundraising.

  • Many venues will be happy to let you use their space for charity, particularly if you can bring in additional patrons on a quiet night of the week. Holding an auction or raffle during the trivia break is a great way to maximise your fundraising. You could also offer clues in return for extra donations.

Movie Night

  • Approach Sovereign Cinemas to run a charity movie screenings, with a percentage of ticket sales to go towards your fundraising.

Wine or Chocolate Drive

  • Wine and Chocolate drives are always popular and easy to sell! Check out how easy it is to order through Cadbury Fundraiser or wine companies including Prospect Wines.

Let Us Help You

Our team are happy to help you reach your fundraising goals. We can provide:

  • The Gratitude Walk and Fun Run and logos for use in promotional material
  • Little Haven info flyers
  • Receipt books and tins for use at fundraising events
  • An Ambassador to speak about Gratitude, Little Haven and Palliative Care
  • Ongoing support, advice and practical assistance with your fundraising activities

Contact us for more information.

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